July 2011


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No more delicious links on this site

On previous versions of this website, I mirrored my delicious links. I no longer do this, to avoid duplicate content and to give readers the option to see only interesting posts. I hope.

Eat your own dogfood

It's always a good idea to eat your own dog food. Even when not selling dog food. (You know that at least in Belgium dog food should be edible by humans, right?)
So I upgraded my own website software to the system I use for recent customers: Drupal 7. It is different, and I wanted to learn using it anyway. On this blog I will keep you posted on my experiences with Drupal 7. And tips and tricks, promised.
As always, more to come soon!

I'm back

We zijn weer vertrokken: er wordt hier weer geschreven. Actiever, meer, en in het begin zeker verward. Maar we vinden onze draai wel, u zal het wel merken.