Drupal 7: first impressions

I'm quite late to the Drupal 7 game, I have to admit it. The reason behind this is a combination of available time, which was quite limited in recent months, and the early release status. I rather wait a while before upgrading my systems and especially client systems to brand new software.

So last week, I started installing my first Drupal 7 sites and gave the whole system a shot. My opinion about it is mixed. Yes I like the new usability improvements, the overlays feel very smooth and well thought of.

But boy do I dislike some usability problems. For example, why is installing modules from a URL very hard to setup? I was utterly confused by the instructions online, and I think less IT savvy users will be even more confused. For a release focused on usability, this really is a pity.

The new Bartik theme is cool, I am impressed by the name choice of course. I used it to style some sites and it looks good, quite clean too. However, why is it impossible to change header color without editing the CSS? This seems to be a painful bug which could have been solved by now.

On the other hand, let me repeat that overal I do like the new release. I will try to help and contribute to fix the bugs listed above. It's really needed.